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1 to 1 Support

A human centred approach to helping individuals increase their wellbeing, tackle issues they are facing and facilitate a safe, honest environment for them to be fully themselves without judgement. 

25 Year Old Male, ASD, ADHD

'From the moment I walked into the session I was made to feel comfortable, equal and listened to. It was the best first session that I have found within being in mental health services for 13 years'. 

54 Year Old Male, Depression

The shift in perspective that I found after talking to the guys at The Leg Up Project helped me understand the restrictions I had placed mentally on myself for years and years. Engaging with them gave me a new found freedom. 

36 Year Old Female, ASD

I am under the umbrella of other mental health services, I don't rely on The Leg Up Project as a replacement for those other services but what they add to my wellbeing in amazing and they support me like no other provider in a different way. They help remind me that it's okay to be human. 

What do our 1 to 1 sessions look like? 

1) Initial Screening

One of our team will make first contact with you via a phone call. In this call they will chat about your wellbeing and ask a few basic questions about your current situation. If it is felt that you would benefit from 1 to 1 support, a time and date will be discussed with you to come in for a first session. 

In terms of inclusion criteria for 1 to 1 support, we operate on a basis whereby the service would be beneficial based on whether you have areas in your life you want support in. Therefore, it doesn't require a diagnosis or for you to be under any other service provider.  

Honesty and truth will be present at all times. 

We encourage you to be honest with us and honest with yourself at all times. 

Active Listening

When we listen to you, we do so in a space of empathy, a desire to understand and on a common ground of being human.  

2. First Session

In this first session, we run through the session 'promise' with you. This is our promise to you of what the sessions will be and how they work. There are some examples of these below. 

We will then explore a little into your life and ask you questions around friendship, family, health, fitness. 

We will identify areas of your life that you want to improve, need support with or want to work on and set future appointments for you. 

Supportive Guidance

We will never tell you what to do, we will help you explore options around you making your own informed decisions. 

With a difference 

Our 1 to 1 sessions can happen in our office dedicated meeting room, out on a walk in a location of your choice or even in a Kayak on a canal. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible to open up and be yourself. 

3. Moving Forward

We don't have an end point and The Leg Up Project is open to anyone at any time. We can offer a maximum of 1 session per week initially. However, you are in charge of how frequent these sessions are past this limits. You can choose to have a simple monthly catch up or a fortnightly drop in. 

We will work towards small and large goals alongside you until you feel that you want to see us less frequently or your wellbeing reaches a point that you are able to self manage. 

We will help sign post you to any specialist areas outside of our remit and introduce you to other services where applicable. 


We will not repeat what it is that you tell us to any single person, Confidentiality is key. There are only two times when we will break this rule:

a.    If we believe you are in danger or at risk of being in danger 

b.   If we believe that someone else is in danger or at risk of being in danger 


You have the control

You are in control of these sessions, not us. This is a time for you to take control and make the most out of your time. 


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