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"Look after your workforce, and your business will take care of itself."

We teach your workforce how to take care of themselves. 


Enhance performance of staff through promoting self care.


Develop and honest relationship between team members that foesters trust and integrity. 


Bring awareness to peoples own personal development and highlight strategies for growth. 


Showcase new environments for staff to feel at ease. 


Take time out of the working week to do something different, rewarding and fun!


Day 1

  1. We deliver a choice of Performance and Wellbeing Coaching modules to your team, at your location (or our conference room). This session is typically 4-5 hours long. This forms the first day (or standalone day) of our delivery. These are accredited CPD courses that are certificated. 

Day 2

  1. The second day we head out into the outdoors and increase resilience by carrying out 1 of 4 outdoor activities (adventure therapy), of which is chosen by you. This provides a new challenging environment which promotes teamwork, but also gives space for reflection on the content of the classroom session and a start point to start and adapt positive change. This environment adds an element of freedom, fun and gives individuals a space to be authentic outside of the usual workspace. 


Day 3

3. You can add a third day to try out one of our other adventure therapy activities to make it into a three-day event, with extra consolidation of learning at the end of the third day. 

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We know we can help you business to thrive. 

During our 12-month wellbeing study in 2023 we raised the wellbeing of 481 individuals by 63% across 1032 engagements, using a combination of classroom sessions and outdoor activities. 


This suggest that our program was 11% more effective than antidepressants and 20% more effective than traditional CBT. 


Candidates showed a 52% improvement in the first 6 weeks. This is double the immediate effects of medication and CBT therapies combined.

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