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Q: The Leg Up Project is a mens mental health group. FALSE

The Leg Up Project began as an initiative to help the men of North West Leicestershire that were returning from Afghanistan and taking their own lives. The project quickly became known as a 'mens mental health group', which some still believe that we are. With a rapid and ever increasing demand from women, Ladies Leg Up was formed. This is in conjunction with Womens Health Group (WHG) North West Leicestershire. Women are now able to access all of the same services that we provide for men. Adventure therapy, 1 to 1 support, walking groups and more. We now facilitate an equal amount of services and projects for men and women. Some of our courses and activities are ran split by gender to allow for people to feel comfortable in their environment to open up. However, we also do run mixed events. 

Womens Health Group

Ladies Leg Up is ran in conjunction with Women's Health Group. To stay up to date, please visit the WHG Facebook group. 

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