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What we do is shown and proven by the results that we create. Here are a select few of our impacts.

Men are notoriously bad at asking for support and as myself and Bobby were in mid campaign to fill our last 10-week course of 2022 we received this feedback from Jo.  We knew that the impact of what we did was helping families but we had never quite received such a heartfelt testimony.   Thank you so much Jo, your appeal to men definitely went a long way to filling the course up!


A few of the guys said how hard it is to show, and receive appreciation from one another. So I asked them to send one another some positive affirmations.


It was a great thing to try, and to discuss after, but I wasn't expecting anyone to send me one. It wasn't about me. 


I was out walking the dog when I received it, it caught me off guard. Nov 2020 was a tough time for everyone, me included. 

Audio taken from a discussion on the 10 week course December 2022 - Footage from past events


Andy reflects on his journey and shares with the group.

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